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When it comes to women beauty and gorgeousness, soft and delicate skin can’t be denied. Waxing the most popular and ancient method to get rid of unwanted hair among women is now come up with new waxing tips and tricks. Women visit salons regularly to have upper and lower lip areas, chin, eyebrows, legs and arms waxed for a smooth looking and clean skin.

However, there are many other choices for removing hairs like epilation, shaving and hair removal creams but waxing is the secure way to treat your skin. It is quick and has lasting effects with decreasing hair growth over time. Hair grows back are thinner and softer.

Shaving has primarily been used which is quite annoying. Shaving is often accompanied by a painful swarm of razor burns, causes irritations and leaves the skin damaged with dense hair growth over time. Hair removal creams and epilation cut the hair right below the skin surface causing a prickly touch as you get hard hair just after a few days. How nasty!

Bikini waxes were introduced as alternative methods of removing hair from the whole intimate area and are becoming more popular globally. Bikini waxes come in many shapes and with the personal choice of choosing the area from where you want your hair removed. Among many bikini wax shapes and styles French Bikini Line wax, Bikini Line touch-ups and full bikini line wax are some of the latest waxing styles. Regular bikini waxes are preferred for a newbie as they are less painful as compared to detailed waxing. With the passage of time, this method became equally good among men and now they also have manscaping or male grooming waxes to remove pubic and groin hair.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilian wax has been the most popular private hair removal method in many countries and was introduced by Brazilian born J sisters in 1987. In Brazilian Wax, all hair from undercarriage including labia, anus and perineum are removed except a “landing strip” is left, at the top of the pubic bone. This landing strip can be a Brazilian Triangle, Brazilian Strip or even a heart.

Hollywood Bikini Wax

Hollywood Bikini Wax differs from Brazilian Bikini Wax as it leaves no hair anywhere and leaves the skin completely bare. All hairs are removed from the top, underneath and around the back areas. This Bikini Wax is extremely popular these days and is adopted by many.

Male Grooming Waxes

With the passage of time, male salon treatments have also paved their ways among common men and they are also looking for their personal grooming. Now, not only celebs go for their personal manscaping, rather many common men are becoming open about getting waxed. Advantages of waxing over shaving and its lasting effects have made men to go for it. This method makes men confident and leaves them very much ease as they do not need to shave daily. Plus, it saves time and also helps in reducing ingrown hairs caused by shaving. Gradually hairs start to grow back thinner and do not require that regular visits. Getting waxed your private parts is really comfortable and adds to the confidence leaving you relaxed. It is really ideal for the coarse hairs and can easily grab all hairs it saves from razor burn and later exfoliating the skin with loofah helps to avoid ingrown that later gives the advantage of thinner hair.

Male Versions of Brazilian and Hollywood Waxes

Males can have the same styles of waxing their private areas. Male Brazilian Wax also comes with same shapes leaving a triangle or a strip of hair above the pubic area while Male Hollywood Wax leaves no hair at all and removes all hair from the undercarriage.

Yanking out hundreds of hair from deep hair follicles make the waxing process painful but distracting yourself while getting waxed with music or games can make it easy and after two or three times waxing, hair gradually start to thin, thus less pain after every visit. The biggest advantage that can be enjoyed with waxing is the extended cleanliness. Hair starts to grow back after minimum four weeks which is sufficient time when compared to shaving where they take only 3-4 days. The biggest fun part is that you get no razor burns and get rid of that annoying irritation that you feel.

Cost can be one of the limitations of these Bikini Waxes and Male Grooming wax and can be a hesitation. But, after the first or second visit, many salons also offer some package and reduced costs for their clients and that can ease you up.

Lirio Therapy offers massage and beauty treatments throughout Bromley Kent and surrounding areas, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, waxing, hot stone massage, laser hair removal, facial, microdermabrasion, galvanic, high frequency, microcurrent, body wrap, inch loss treatments.

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