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The problem of unwanted hair is common to both men and women, and, when it comes to removing it, waxing treatments has several benefits over shaving. When a blade cuts a hair, it does so at skin level. A day or two later, as the hair grows, stubble is back. Waxing is different. The wax takes hold of the hair and, rather than cutting it, pulls it out from the root. As a result, the skin is smoother for longer – in most cases it is 4-6 weeks, and sometimes more, before further treatment is required. Razor blades can cause cuts and nicks – and therefore scars – while repeated shaving results in abrasion leading to an unsightly rash. No such issues with waxing. After shaving, hair grows every bit as thick and strong – and as fast – as before, whereas waxing results in finer, weaker hair, and in many cases slower regrowth. The final advantage of waxing lies in exfoliation – when the wax is removed, it takes with it dead skin cells, thus rejuvenating the epidermis.

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With the exception of the inside of the ears and nose, waxing can be used to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body – the face, including the upper and lower lips, eyebrows and chin, arms, legs, underarms, chest, back and bikini line.

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Whether it is a full-body wax, a full-arm wax or a Brazilian (or Hollywood) wax, the procedure is essentially the same, and begins with the application of a cleansing lotion to the treatment area.

The unwanted hair – ideally 0.75-1cm in length – is then covered in a warm wax, over which a cloth strip is placed.

Once the wax has cooled and set, the cloth strip is taken off, removing the unwanted hair. Finally, the skin is treated with an after-wax lotion, usually containing tea tree oil or aloe vera. Cleuza Dos Santos, a member of BALENS, is professionally insured and registered with Bromley Council. Based in central Bromley, she also offers a visiting service to London and its surrounding areas.


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