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How to remove the strongest body hair?

Many women would spend a real fortune to get a nice mane and strong hair. However, when we talk about body hair the story is usually very different. Do not miss these tips with which we help you choose the method of hair removal that suits you best in each situation:

A common concern

The first thing you should know is that having a stronger and darker body hair is a very common scenario in which women are included. As with many other physical traits, the heritage and ethnic group of people play a very important role in the thickness and color of body hair. But this is not all, since the nature of hair can depend on the different levels of hormones of men and women.

A short-term solution

If you are uncomfortable having too much body hair, there are solutions such as shaving or depilatory creams that offer quick and short-term results. Both methods stand out for being able to easily join the beauty routine of any person, even when we shower.

However, taking into account the nature of this type of hair it seems clear that depilatory creams represent the most recommended solution. Because we already know that with shaving the hair tends to come back out faster. For its part, depilatory creams dissolve the hair from the surface of the skin, delaying its growth.

Get to the root

Worrying about waxing day after day is not good for anyone. And if you are one of those who face this problem it is then understandable that you end up resorting to waxing , which offers results of up to 4 weeks and stands out as being especially effective on the strongest hair. The only drawback is that it can be a more painful method considering that strong hair tends to hold more to the skin.  However, you can resort to pain-free waxing options like the following:

For example, choosing a hot wax such as the Bromley waxing is a good choice to start with. The hot waxes slightly open the pores of the skin making the hair removal process less painful than with other cold methods. Also, remember that it is equally important that you exfoliate your skin and apply some talcum powder so that the wax will hold firmly on each hair.

Fortunately many brands offer multiple solutions to make your beauty routine as comfortable and effective as possible. Go ahead and try them!

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