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Whether you’re a competition athlete or a park jogger just looking to lose a few pounds, sports massage can benefit your exercise routine. Sports and deep tissue massage are treatments dating back to Roman times – gladiators in the Coliseum made use of it before and after combat. My clients include many runners and cyclists – sportsmen and women of almost every kind, in fact.Massage, a medication-free technique, can help with every form of exercise and sporting activity – before or after you put yourself to the physical test.

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One of the most common issues arising from exercise is discomfort to the back and neck, ranging from a twinge that troubles only on occasion to a debilitating pain that refuses to go away. Problems with the lower back are usually addressed by classic, also known as Swedish, massage, with pressure applied to muscles to relax them and in turn to aid circulation. Scented oils may be used in this process to aid relaxation, and are absorbed by the skin. Pressure points in the neck are ‘kneaded’ – with relaxation and improved circulation also the aim. The patient will feel an improvement with just one massage session. Further treatments – allied with proper warm up and warm down exercises – and the problem should disappear altogether.

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Of course, back and neck pain are not the only issues that arise from physical activity – stiffness in arm and leg muscles after vigorous exercise can also benefit from massage treatments.
After bouts of intense exercise, the athlete may be afflicted by DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness. Studies have shown DOMS is the result of damage – seen only by a microscope – to fibres in the muscles. With massage, pressure is applied to the affected muscle – principally through kneading and rolling – stimulating the blood flow and delivering oxygen to repair cells. Inflammation is reduced, tension is eased, pain alleviated and flexibility increased.

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The sciatic nerve, which starts on each side of the lower back – running through the pelvis and thigh, and eventually down to the foot – is the longest nerve in the body. Because it is so long, the sciatic nerve – when irritated or compressed – can present problems at any point between the base of the spinal cord and the foot, with discomfort, numbness or tingling from the lower back down the leg a common symptom. Massage treatment for sciatica targets the muscles supporting or surrounding the sciatic nerve, including the quadrates lumborum (in the lower back), the glutes (in the buttocks) and the hamstring muscles (in the thighs). As with other forms of massage, the muscle becomes relaxed and more flexible – pressure on the sciatic nerve decreases, bringing relief to the pain.

Sports Massage

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