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Ultrasound Cavitations and Radio Frequency

Enjoy slim body with no pain!!!

Non-Surgical Treatment of unwanted inches without fear!!!

Ultra Cavitations also named as Ultrasound Liposuction is a new technology for instant fat removal. Unlike other well-recognized procedures like tummy tuck & surgical liposuction, it is non-invasive treatment. Now, get rid of your traditional liposuction fear of using knives, anesthesia and surgical.

At Lirio Therapy, we are passionate to rebuild your confidence by reshaping your body through this revolutionized & non-invasive fat reduction technique. How wonderful!

Get an amazing drop of 2 dresses sizes after only 10 courses treatment!!!

In this technique, we target and destroy your fat cells with the low frequency ultrasound waves without damaging your other body cells. Also, this technique has an advantage of destroying the irritating stubborn fat stores that otherwise seem to be always there for lifetime and are damaging to your beauty.

How it works?

Most of the body’ excessive fat is stored in flank/hips, waist, thighs, abdomen, inner knees, buttocks, upper arms and legs and these are treated often for liposuction. Ultrasonic Cavitations take an edge by dealing with these areas with non-surgical treatment.

This fat emulsification treatment destroys the fat cell membrane losing the fat between the cells as protein. This protein is then converted into free fatty acids & glycerol and discharged from the body via urinary system after decaying in the liver.

With its immediate and non-damaging results, this cellulite reduction treatment is gaining popularity among the overweight people. Through continuous treatment and regular procedures, we ensure you slim and smart body within months.

Radio Frequency body Countering:radiofrequency

After the Cavitation  ultrasound  we use Radio frequency treatment. It helps to increase the quality of your skin by lifting it up and making it tight. After penetrating the epidermis, this radio frequency heats the dermis, resulting in constructing and remodeling of the collagen fibers. This causes thickening of your skin and improves the skin quality. Additionally, this treatment helps you to enjoy more tighten and wrinkle free skin through the regeneration of collagen muscles occur due to skin healing process and rebuild your skin again.laserlipobromleylondon

Reliable consultation and treatment:

Get the complete consultation and treatment plan with high reliability and affordability with us!

We provide you everything from the start to the end, helping you to getting rid of this stigma. We assess your requirements and treat you accordingly. We combine this most advanced technology with exercises and perfect diet plan to get immediate results with less or no damage.

With your cooperation with us you can get better results in no time. It is necessary to take away your heavy meals, alcohol and fizzy drink from the very first day of the treatment. We promise long-term results by following our post treatment advices.

With our aim to satisfy our customers fully, we provide you the most soothing, comfortable and relaxing environment where you can enjoy the best Ultrasonic Cavitations and Radio frequency body treatment in the safest and the most effective way.

Lirio Therapy offers massage and beauty treatments throughout Bromley Kent and surrounding areas, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, waxing, hot stone massage, laser hair removal, facial, microdermabrasion, galvanic, high frequency, microcurrent, body wrap, inch loss treatments.

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