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If you’ve been overdoing it – whether during the Christmas festivities, or at any other time of the year – how do you go about getting back in shape and feeling your best?

Here at Lirio Therapy we’ve got a whole range of treatments that, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can soon have you back at the top of your game.

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The use of poultices – where the body, or parts of it, are encased to draw out toxins and fats – can be traced back to pre-historic times. A body wraps has many benefits. Mentally, it can help relieve stress, while physically, it is an effective detox procedure, also reducing cellulite (the result of toxin build-up) and moisturizing and hydrating the skin. So how does it work? After a massage, cream – usually containing extracts from plants, such as seaweed, or minerals – is applied to the area (stomach, thighs or upper arms are the most common) to be treated. Then comes the wrap in cloths or synthetic film, designed to make the skin sweat. As the pores open, toxins are released.

It is usual for anything between 1-6cm to be lost during the first session, and the client feels the benefit of a tighter skin. The body wrap procedure takes 90 minutes, and, for best results, a course of 10 sessions is recommended.

Cavitation Unlike cavitation, or ultrasonic cavitation, is very much a modern – non-invasive – local and comfortable treatment of stubborn fat, usually on the stomach, legs or arms. The key to cavitation treatment is the gel that is applied to the parts of the body housing the unwanted fat. This gel is absorbed by the skin and acts as a medium for the ultrasonic waves, which then cause cells containing fat to explode. The waste is then expelled from the body. Once the epidermis has drawn in the gel, the ultrasonic apparatus sends vibrations to pressurise the cells underneath until they give way. After a cavitation procedure, clients are advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol, and to drink plenty of water. Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes, and a course of 10 sessions is recommended.
£70 p/session

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Body Wraps

Body Wraps Spa Treatments | Inch Loss & Cellulite Reduction Treatments
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