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There is a saying that one of the secrets to a happy life is to find something you love to do and then find someone to pay me for it.
Maybe you have heard this too, there came a point in my life when I decided to start my own business because I had a passion, a talent, and a drive and found that people did indeed want to pay me to provide a service they excited to receive.
The success of my business has been an incredible blessing, my company is Relaxing Massage Therapy.
Relaxing Massage Therapy serves a number of clients bases from people who want to relieve stress, improve their overall health, or improve their sports performance.
We also provide a variety of beauty treatments that help people to look better but to also feel better about themselves.
The reaction to my business over the years has been so rewarding. It’s exciting to see my passion and my vision for Relaxing Massage Therapy to be so well received and has created a buzz! The demand for my services has grown significantly and I need to expand my physical space so I can offer more treatment suites and hire additional staff to provide services and day-to-day business transactions.
This is why I’m writing today.
The costs of acquiring a larger business space, adding additional equipment, and adding qualified staff are significant.
As a relatively young business I am working to control my spending so I don’t get in over my head. It is in this spirit I’m asking you if you could help me.
I am seeking crowdfunding as a way to help fund this expansion.
One of the dangers of a local business is insufficient capital, I’m trying to be very mindful not to make the mistake of overextending myself as I endeavor growth period but need the basic necessities of business to keep myself on a growth path.
You may wonder why I’m not simply seeking a business loan or maybe a grant.
I had considered both but getting a business loan puts me at risk of putting myself in debt paying back money with interest that will be a drain on my day-to-day finances to run my business.
Applying for grants is a laborious, rigorous process that attaches strings and puts certain limitations on how the money can be used.
As a business owner I want to make sure,  keep my autonomy on how my business  run,
that is why have decided to pursue the crowdfunding path.
Will you help me expand Relaxing Massage Therapy by donating to my crowdfunding
By helping my business you are assisting me to help more people but also to employee more people, which means creating more taxpayers which will significantly help our local economy.
It’s not just my business that benefits, we all benefit.
As with any start-up there are many costs involved and below I will list what your donations will be spent on to just name a few:
Planning permission
Equipment & supplies
Click on the button bellow on this crowdfunding page to donate. Thank you for being part of
Relaxing Massage Therapy’s success story!

Starting this business would be a life-changing opportunity for me and any size donation would be greatly appreciated. I ask that you share this amongst your family and friends as well so that they too can be part of the start of something great!

Cleuza Gould

Lirio Therapy offers massage and beauty treatments throughout Bromley Kent and surrounding areas, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, waxing, hot stone massage, laser hair removal, facial, microdermabrasion, galvanic, high frequency, microcurrent, body wrap, inch loss treatments.

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